7 Facts About SEXOHOLISM
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7 Facts About SEXOHOLISM

The sexoholism or sexual addiction is an addiction just like other addictions like drug or gambling...People depend on sex often feel a strong inner need of some sexual behaviors motivated to have a negative impact on their lives - both emotional and social. The special kind of addiction is caused by the enorphins.Endorphins are the hormones that are secreted in the brain and these are called as hormones of happiness...Smile...

According to the psychological definition, sexual addiction - a progressive disorder intimate sphere, which is characterized by intrusive thoughts and actions of a sexual nature.

All this sounds rather vague, but what exactly is meant by Sexoholism?


1. Psychologists believe that people suffering from sexual addiction, treat sex as a means to an end, but not for the purpose. In fact, the whole thing can be in pain, avoidance or reduction of anxiety. The difference between the propensity for indiscriminate sexual relations and the dependence is as a person feels after sex. One thing - is to enjoy sex, but a dependent person, as a rule, uses sex as a means of relief or distraction from other problems that he did not want to face. Often these people feel ashamed of the sexual act.

2. Two-thirds of sexually dependent - are men. Since the scientific interest in this problem arose only about 10 years ago, it is difficult to say whether such a preponderance of biological or cultural in nature.According to genetic data, men have more sexual desire than women and therefore more prone to sexual addiction. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that many women do not want to admit to sexual addiction for fear of condemnation, especially given the fact that some psychologists do not consider this dependence.

3Intrusive thoughts about sex, and cause disruption to normal life. As with any addiction, sex addict everyday person substantially interfere with immersive thoughts about sex, whether it's masturbation or sexual intercourse. Such people can not understand why they are committing sexual acts, or constant thoughts of sex filled their minds and push the remaining interests.

4. There is a monogamous sexual relationship. While this may sound contradictory, treason is not always accompanied by sexual addiction. There have been times when my husband was sexually dependent on his wife. This has led to problems, as he saw it as a kind of object is to satisfy their desires, and not treat her as his wife.

5.. Victims of child sexual abuse is often repeated violence in the sub-conscious attempt to control the child's injury. Often, women who have applied to the sexual abuse in childhood, are prone to sexual addiction. It seems that it is contrary to common sense, but the child sexual abuse can confuse the boundaries of sexuality and did not realize that sexual addiction is an unhealthy behavior.

6. People with addictions often suffer from sexually addictive behavior. This problem occurs or when they abuse drugs, or they give up drug use and as a substitute behavior they develop a sexual relationship.

7. People with a love addiction may also suffer from sexual addiction. In this case, they use sex to get love and become completely dependent on another person.

Of course, in such cases, the sex addict can not do without the professional assistance of a psychologist or therapist who will help you understand what mechanisms lie behind sexual behavior. Expanding the value of our non-sexual fantasies and behavior, to understand what we actually need, you can help the sex-dependent person to find alternative sources of satisfaction.

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Interesting and informative...great article..

Fuck you! Sex is awsome.

Interesting. Thank you Angel. Hope to be in your support.

People with sexual addictiion may also engage in illegal sexual activity such as hiring prostitutes to fulfilled their high sexual drive.