The Extra Benefits of Afternoon Sex
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The Extra Benefits of Afternoon Sex

Mark your rendezvous on your personal calender to be sure you meet on the right day!

If I had my way that would be the bulk of my sexual encounters. The main reason being, you are physically awake and your nerve endings are alive! (AND YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT DRUNK!)  Your busy day has not yet left you for dead, so you don’t have to play “Starfish” at midnight when you finally hit the sheets with your partner! Afternoon sex usually involves some form of naughtiness that makes it even more pleasurable.


Skipping out of work or school

The kids are at school or the sitter's

The sex is usually a bit more planned, so it is fun anticipation!

You may have time the day before, to think out a scenario to make it unique! (Like the "Nurse" or "Naughty Schoolgirl" outfit.)

Feels like a holiday when you have sex out of "The Norm".

If you are on holiday, you are relaxed and enjoy it more!

You may not always be in a bedroom during the day, you could be on a hike, or a secluded beach somewhere, the stockroom, Motel 6??

You can get noisy & talk dirty, while the neighbours are at work!

Men don’t roll over and go to sleep after sex earlier in the day.

These are all great reasons to include a few nooners in your monthly sex schedule and will guarantee you a longer and better relationship. Not everyone has the liberty to pencil in a lunchtime treat, though, so occasionally you have to BS the office, or your other commitments, to make it happen! For that lunchtime quickie make a fake dentist or Doctor's appointment. Tell them you will use your lunch hour but might be 30 minutes late getting back . . . .then you look like the conscientious employee by using your own lunch instead of company time.

Try to pick a spot that isn’t too far too travel if you have to come back to a commitment. You want every minute to count, especially if you have props to set up. (It also takes quite a while to lace up some of those Victoria's Secret items you may want to wear! My “Little Red Riding Hood" outfit takes about 10 minutes to assemble! LOL)

Here is some interesting information:

Germany’s largest brothel Pascha, offers a 50% discount on sex, to senior citizens! Between 12:00PM and 5:00 PM, the Cologne brothel offers this discount to senior citizens 66 years of age and older. Sure beats the senior discounts at Walmart or the Early Bird Special at Denny’s. Seniors wishing to participate at the brothel, are required to show proof of age. That gives a whole new meaning to fake ID . . . it's not just for teenagers anymore! Prostitution is legal in Germany. Cologne is a worldwide leader in the sex industry. Home to approximately 1 million people. Cologne earned 828,000 Euros in 2006 in the sex trade. So, I guess there is a lot of afternoon sex there! Seniors don’t usually stay up late.

Nooners are great for single parents when little Johnny or Suzy are at school . . . when else can you? The best part of afternoon sex is what transpires before it actually happens. There’s not much time for foreplay in most cases, so you may need to send naughty messages throughout the morning. Or send body photos on your camera phone! Make sure you and your partner are meeting up on the same day! Not so long ago, a plan was made for a special lunch 2 nights before, and I thought it was the following day! There he was dressed as Superman all alone sprawled out on the King Size Bed, cape and all and NO Lois Lane!  I am still making up for that one... Enjoy your lunch everyone! 

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*giggles* your talking my language! Great article!

Thanks Sara!