Between the Sheets: 10 Tips for Better Sex
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Between the Sheets: 10 Tips for Better Sex

Sex is an important part of any relationship. Spice up any relationship by trying these 10 tips for better sex.

Whether you've been dating for a month or married for 20 years, there are certain things that you can do to thrill your man in the bedroom. I talked to several men and came up with a top ten list of things men want you to know about what they want in the between the sheets.

1. Men like it when their partners take the time to be a little extra sexy. They don't care if you have the perfect body or look like a Playboy pinup. They just want you to show them in this little way that you want to be sexy for them. Surprise your man with some sexy lingerie. Let him get to bed first. Take your time preparing. Wear a little perfume, and put on something sexy that you know will appeal to him. Enhance the features he likes most about you.

2. Set an atmosphere that lets him know you're in a romantic mood. Sometimes guys like to have the guesswork taken out of it. Light some candles, put the satin sheets on the bed, get out the furry handcuffs – whatever it is that sets a mood for you and your man.

3. Men can be insecure too. Don't criticize or make him feel inadequate. Let him know how good he makes you feel, how sexy you think he is. When he does something great that curls your toes, let him know. Not only will you get that particular treat more often, but you will boost his confidence about his ability to please you.

4. Sometimes, it's ok to have sex even if you aren't really in the mood (sex should always be consensual). Think of it this way: people who have sex two to three times a week are happiest, and there are actual health benefits to having sex. Sex can actually relieve headaches and tension and make you sleep better. And there is no better way to let your man know that you truly care.

5. Every once in a while, pamper your man. Give him a massage, draw him a bubble bath. Chill some champagne and bring in the strawberries and chocolate and feed him in bed. Make him breakfast in bed. Do something to let him know just how special he is.

6. Initiate sex. If you're the partner who always waits for him to initiate, you may be feeding his insecurities and making him wonder if you really like to have sex. Take the lead; let him know you want him. Tease him off and on throughout the day so that there's no doubt what's coming later. I guarantee you whatever is on TV won't stand a chance.

7. Be passionate. For some people, it might be scary new territory, but putting some energy and enthusiasm into your lovemaking will drive him wild. He will feel more desired and more loved and be willing to go to new lengths to please you.

8. No matter how the movies or TV depict it, most guys aren't looking for the quick roll between the sheets. You can drive him wild by just increasing the amount of physical contact you have all the time, which will in turn make you more intimate.

9. If you've been together for any length of time, sex might be a boring routine. Spice it up! Try a different location, a different position. Monogamy doesn't have to mean monotony!

10. Tell him what turns you on. Share your fantasies. Tell him what makes you feel good. You don't necessarily have to use words if moans will do – but learn how to communicate and guide and improve the experience for both of you.

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