Don't Need the Hassle of a Relationship? Get a "Sex Friend" and Enjoy the Benefits
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Don't Need the Hassle of a Relationship? Get a "Sex Friend" and Enjoy the Benefits

The 21st century has witnessed the creation of the ‘hookup’ culture where people who are physically attracted to each other can choose to have a casual sexual relationship. The term “sexfriend” has been loosely used by numerous individuals to describe friends, sometimes acquaintances, with whom one has an agreement to occasionally engage in casual sex, without ever getting serious or trying to pursue a romantic relationship.
There are numerous myths concerning sexfriend relationships that tend to discourage people from entering into such arrangements. Among the most common ones are that one will fall in love with your sexfriend and that all sex friend relationships end badly and result in wrecked friendships. However, it is worth noting that sexfriend relationships have been noted to lack the passion or ‘spark’ required to sustain a long lasting romantic relationship. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will fall in love and live happily ever after. After all, it is the main reason why you should have a sex friend; in order to have a no strings attached type of relationship. Furthermore, like junk food, the advantages offered by sexfriend relationships are delicious and addictive, but cannot completely sustain the human thirst for emotional connection offered by love and will come to an end at some point. This does not necessarily mean that it has to end badly. A fact that dispels the myth that claims all sexfriend relationships end badly is that they are usually characterized by open and honest communication where each party can voice their concerns, a process which works to assist in putting an end to the arrangement without any unnecessary feelings of resentment. Reasons why you should have a sex friend • It is safer than engaging in sexual relations with a stranger Although sex friend relationships tend to be viewed as complex, they offer each partner in the arrangement with a perfect means of meeting their sexual needs without the fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases from random strangers you meet at a bar one night. As the wise saying goes, “better the devil you know, than the angel you don’t”. • It is convenient Having sex friends are additionally advantageous as the arrangement reached offers great convenience in terms of emotional, financial and social costs. You can say goodbye to the long dinner or party nights where everyone but you, seems to have come with a date. Your sex friend can easily be your plus one. Furthermore, unlike the traditional dating scene where one partner has to woo the other into a relationship through the purchasing of expensive gifts, dinners and meticulously planned romantic trips are not necessary. As bad as this may sound, having a sex friend is a highly cost effective way of having one’s social and sexual needs met without the often expensive hassle that is characteristic of dating. • Could lead to the unintentional transition into a long lasting and happy romantic relationship Sexfriend relationships tend to be a result of two individuals who need their sexual needs met until someone better or more appealing comes into their lives. However, there is still the slight chance that a ‘friends with benefits’ or sexfriend relationship can develop into a serious romantic relationship and has been estimated to amount to a diminutive 10%. There are a lucky few friends who actually end up forming long lasting and loving romantic relationships. • Easy and tangle free breakup There is nothing more emotionally tasking and messy than a bad break up. Fortunately, one of the greatest advantages, and best reasons why you should have a sexfriend, is that it is purely based on fun and not emotions. Due to this fact, when the fun begins to fade and the arrangements begin to feel uneasy it is easy to call it quits and save the remaining part of the friendship with fond, rather than ugly memories. The simplicity of the arrangement also allows for any of the partners to see or fall in love with other people without the other party developing hard feelings or emotions that cause a lingering bitterness between them. How to ensure that a casual sexual arrangement with a friend becomes a success Although the concept of friends with benefits or having a ‘sexfriend’ sounds simple and easy to pull off, it really is not in reality. In most instances, one friend may ruin the whole arrangement by being unable to separate their emotions from the sexual relations they are having with their friend. In such instances, the emotionally affected partner may try to engage in romantic or ‘official dating behavior’ which only works to lead the relationship on a downward spiral. Harsh words will be said, buckets of tears shed, and large amounts of midnight ice-cream treats consumed. Ultimately the whole affair will end in the creation of sour and damaged friendships. It is therefore imperative that if you decide to have a sexfriend, you take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the relationship does not end with an unforgettable bang. • Always pick an individual you are sure you would never normally date This is a fail proof method of ensuring that you will not accidentally fall in love with your sexfriend. Choosing someone who is either emotionally or extremely physically appealing to you can result in disaster because it may cloud your judgment especially in matters concerning the arrangement. Possessive tendencies may emerge and go against the unwritten rule that needs you to let go outside of the bedroom and put all jealousy aside. • Communication Like all normal relationships, ensuring that a sexfriend relationship is a success requires open communication. It is important that both parties sit and success what they expect, or do not expect, from the arrangement. Open and honest communication is the key to keeping the arrangement fun and relaxed as opposed to stressful. Furthermore, open communication further assists with the transition back into platonic friendship once the fun begins to sizzle out. This is because open communication further works to assist with the maintenance of the foundation of friendship that originally existed before the onset of the arrangement and ensures that the original terms of friendship can be easily returned to by both parties.

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