For Adults Only: How to Strip for Your Partner!
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For Adults Only: How to Strip for Your Partner!

points to strip tease

Ok, so I know this is a weird one, but before I go into this let me tell you a funny story.  I recently wrote an article "how to strip wood and furniture", I went to "tweet" it and somehow it came out and was posted as "how to strip" with the URL.  I received so many hits on that.

So I thought..I guess this is the type of stuff people are interested in.

Now I can't say I am an expert..but here goes.

The art of stripping is just art!

One must make it seductive and alluring while not showing too much too soon.

Remembering that touching is not allowed as this make it all the more enticing.  Thus why it is called a "Strip TEASE".

Now you can touch them all the time, but they are not allowed to touch you back, you can see how that makes you feel just reading this.

The right music is key:  Depending on the type of strip tease you want to do.  A more romantic type is with softer music, but the get down and dirty is with some funky gyrating music.

As a note: All men love this and quite a few women do too!

Here is the set up for you:

  1. The initial phone call: do this early in the day and let him know he is in for the works.  He must bring champagne and necessary "protection".  Tell him the time to be there and then hang up, do not take his calls for the rest of the day.
  2. Have the lights down low and the music on.  Candles are the best as the shadows they throw off are superb.
  3. Have a theme or costume in mind (what would turn him on the most)
  4. Put him on the couch with seductive moves while using a raspy voice to tell him the rules.  No touching from him allowed.
  5. Have some oil on hand and use this on him when you touch him occasionally.
  6. A scarf makes a great prop and can be used to emulate other parts of the body.
  7. Keep in mind what type of guy you have.  Is he a breast man, a leg man, a butt man!
  8. Use this part of the body the most in the dance.
  9. Remember the visual looks you dart at him are enough to make him go crazy with anticipation.
  10. The caresses you do for him and for yourself will drive him over the edge.
  11. The dance is slow and rhythmic.
  12. Always being close to him for him to get hit with your hair, to smell your perfume and to be touched occasionally by you.
  13. Finger tip caresses are the best.
  15. You want to almost show something, then show it and quickly cover it, and then repeat before permanently removing each item of clothing. You also want to give limited looks at a newly uncovered body part at first, working up to a better and better view.
  16. Let it all go and think sexy, you will know by the look on your man if it is working.
  17. "I'm a Slave 4 U" by Brittany Spears is a great song and men like this.  Just remember to have a few songs ready back to back as you do not want to stop in the middle.  Go from one song to the next with a new attitude. Now you are working both the hearing and the sight
  18. Using your boa and I mean really using it you will attract him like a bee to honey.
  19. The clothes come off slowly but with force...ripping a shirt off is a big turn on.
  20. The lap dance is the biggie.  You must hover over him just gently touching.
  21. Touching yourself in front of him is a killer for him.
  22. The clothes continue to come off as you continue to gyrate around him and on him.
  23. On occasion you unbutton his shirt and pants, remembering not to let him touch you.  He will try and you must coyly shake your head no and gently brush his hand off of you
  24. During all of this you are teasing and talking.  Men like good "nasty" talk.  Just think of what he would like to hear.
  25. Don't forget to give him a sexy sip of champagne off of your body once in a while, his tongue will be hanging out

Now from there it is up to you, but remember you have set the rules so it is time to get anything you want now also!  Tell him what you want and make him obey!  And then put the ultimate hurting on him...rock his world beyond anything he has ever imagined.

Not only will you both have a great night, but you will be more free with yourself and your confidence and he will see you in a whole other light that he really likes.  If you treat a man like this...he will never cheat on you!

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Comments (13)

LOL! I like it... :-)

hahahah that is funny

Woohoo! Another great idea! Yum!

BTW, as soon as I get my pc back this one is definately going to twitter!

Ranked #2 in Intimacy & Sex

Thanks everyone, I finally found this but on my dashboard it is still showing as pending? Go figure!

you make me tingle in places I didn't remember I had

LOL @ Carol, you are too funny too! Glad to see this up Lori!

Ranked #2 in Intimacy & Sex

I think I took myself to unknown place too! lol Just think if this is what people want to read and they click the you know what out of this article...well I will write what the public wants! hehehe

Ranked #21 in Intimacy & Sex

You did a great job on this. I did this once for my husband before we had kids. It was really fun smacking his hand away when he tried to touch me.

Ranked #2 in Intimacy & Sex

thanks everyone!

I've learned to look stripper pole ready, as for the actual pole I think I might hurt myself lol. Cute article

My wife is doing belly dancing (video instructions) and it is um, -really neat. ;-)