Great Ways To Increase Pleasure For Men During Sex
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Great Ways To Increase Pleasure For Men During Sex

Are you looking for some ways to increase your pleasure in the bedroom? Or maybe you are some mans seductive woman, looking to bring in some sensual surprises to heighten his experience... Either way, you'll find the tips in this factoid to be super scintillating!

Some say that pleasure is the ultimate experience, one that can never concretely be defined. The pursuit of heightened pleasure has been around since pre-history, especially when it comes to sex. Our species ever strides towards the light of carnal advancement, both for spiritual endeavors and just because it feels so good. In this particular factoid, we are going to go over some fantastic tips for increasing your man's pleasure during sex. Enjoy!

  • Tantric Teases - If you really want to heighten your man's sexual experiences with you, you're best plan of action is to study and practice that seductive art of Tantric sex, also known simply as Tantra. Depending on your comfort zone as a couple, you can go as far as seeing a Tantric sex counselor, or you can keep it low key with home videos and online courses that you can use at your own pace.
  • Anywhere but There - Once you go there, you're not going to have a chance to turn back. So keep you're hands off his hot button and focus on all the areas around it. By keeping your hands away from his sensitive snake, you're not only extending time to build up your own pleasurable experience, but you're giving him strong images of the one place you haven't touched that he really wants you to.
  • Somewhere New - It could be somewhere new in the house, or you could go to a completely different sea level. Either way, breaking up the normal monotony can help to sweeten the synergistic energy between you two. Try it out and see what I mean.
  • Tempting With Temperature - For this one, I advice that you give your man at least a moments warning before continuing forward.. Though ultimately, it's up to you... Then go take his tin man to temperature town where you can explore the fun of hot and cold sensations. Breath mints, lotions and ice can be great fun in moments like these.
  • Textual Experiences - If he thought temperatures were fun, just wait till you try titillating him with textures. Some popular textual experience you might consider trying - pop rocks, ice cream, whip cream, peanut butter, powdered cayenne & butter, honey or magic shell syrup. 
  • Oops! - Did I just get to close? Get close to leaving your man's comfort zone, can be quite tantalizing for your man. By allowing you to have your way with his body, your man is leaving himself vulnerable. He trusts that you won't push him to far beyond his comfort zone. And even though he really doesn't want to get to crazy, just the thought that you might be thinking about such scandalous exercises, can increase his level of desire.
  • Herbal Excitement - With herbs you can heighten your passion through extended endurance, firmer forms or intensified attraction. Some well known herbs for male enhancement are Horny Goat Weed, Gingko Biloba, Strawberries, Oysters and Nuts.
  • Visual Expressions - Men are known to be extremely visual creatures. You can use this to your advantage by using visual aides to heighten your intimate play time. Try dressing up, bringing large mirrors into the room or tastefully tantilize him with a seductive film.

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