How Good Postplay Technique Can Get a Man More Sex
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How Good Postplay Technique Can Get a Man More Sex

How to act in bed immediately after having sex: postplay. This article gives a few tips on things to do and not doin postplay.

Postplay?—what’s that all about?Post play is what you do when sexual intercourse—in whatever forms it may have been—is finished. For many females postplay is most significant. It’s not uncommon to hear a female cynically lamenting a lover’s sex technique as, more or less, slam—bang—I’m outa here! So, how can you, a man, conquer this troubling frontier and be regarded as sensitive lover?

To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question:

Many a man has reported that, for the life of him, he just could not keep his eyes open after an orgasm—try as he might. So what do you do? Well … I would advise you not to just roll away and allow sleep to take you. If you find that cannot keep your eyes open, be smart about it: hug your mate, mumble how much you crave the intimacy you share, and fall asleep hugged to her. Just do not roll away and commence snoring. Doing so does not make a female feel bonded to you.

Things recommended after those orgasms:

Lie with your mate in an embrace just after your orgasms. You do not have to say anything: being there hugged together doesn’t necessitate endearments—just lie there and feel her breath upon you … trace a hand lazily over her body … kiss her eyelids … watch her smile—stuff like that; be there, just lying together in shared stickiness. …

How not to make your girlfriend feel like a stripped drumstick after those orgasms:Do not just immediately turn your back to her. Do not just hurry immediately to the shower—it can be interpreted as you rushing to wash off some sort of stink. Do not let her catch you glancing at your watch. And never—never just roll away and reach for your pants.

Work hard at your postplay routine; become a practitioner of good postplay habits. It is guaranteed that your mates would be impressed with you as a sensitive lover, and sensitive lovers are never out of demand.

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