How Sex Can Affect Your Relationship
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How Sex Can Affect Your Relationship

Learn about what role sex could be playing in your relationship and how it affects your life.

Sex in a relationship is about more than just some fun bumping in the night. Many people don’t realize just how much sex can affect their relationships. With media projections and social pressures all around us, it’s hard to separate the facts from widely accepted beliefs.

Let’s take, for example, young people in their teens. Teenage boys are often of the opinion that the more sex and the more partners the better. Multiple partners make these boys “cooler” or manlier, because that is what the peer pressure is all about. Women tend to be the exact opposite; the more partners a female has, the less classy the female is in the view of society. It is very easy for men and women alike to lose sight of the facts while drowning in the midst of social opinions.

So what does sex mean in a relationship? How does sex, or lack thereof, really affect a relationship?

Relationships can be physical in nature, or can consist of deeper, more emotional ties, or can be a combination of both types. Sex plays a large role in each type of relationship.

A physical relationship focuses more on the acts of intercourse and foreplay than on any type of emotional connection. Physical relationships often call for creativity to keep things interesting, as boredom in the bedroom can mean the end of the partnership altogether.

Emotional relationships can be made up for a number of different reasons. It could be that one or both partners are seeking some kind of acceptance or fulfillment, but only know how to express themselves through sex. It could be that only one partner is seeking validation through sex, thus using emotions to cope and connect with the other person. Emotional relationships are often a product of deeper needs and desires, and will often leave one or both partners dissatisfied.

Relationships that contain both a physical attraction and an emotional connection are typically the more functional of relationships. Both partners feel comfortable expressing their physical desires, as well as offering and taking emotional validation.

Religious beliefs aside, sex in relationships can be used as a wonderful tool for partners to really learn to relate to each other. A healthy sexual relationship is important in such circumstances as marriage, as the emotional bond and physical release that sex can offer can really work to keep two people together (no pun intended). It is important for partners to maintain some level of open-mindedness to keep their sex life thriving and interesting. It is not uncommon for couples to become frustrated or bored with each other if their sex life starts to lose momentum. Such a loss can actually result in an end to the relationship.

For information on maintaining a healthy sexual relationship, read How to Maintain a Healthy Sexual Relationship.

Sex should not be used as a weapon or bargaining point in any partnership, as doing so only serves to cause resentment. Don’t be shy about discussing sex with your partner, and remember to constantly be on the look out for new ideas to spice up your time in the bedroom!  For some tips and ideas, see Lifting Your Sex Life: Learning About Erogenous Zones.

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