The 4 Main Ways to Have Sex
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The 4 Main Ways to Have Sex

methods of copulation and coitus

There are several ways to please a man.  For the purpose of this quick guide I am only going to discuss: intercourse: penis and vagina, oral: mouth on penis, anal: penis in anus, and manual or masturbation and that is when the hand or other objects are used to obtain an orgasm.

What is sexual intercourse? (Copulation or Coitus)

Sexual intercourse is the act in which the male reproductive organ (penis) enters the female reproductive tract (vagina) just that simple.   In order to have enjoyable sexual intercourse the male penis must be very hard and erect.  Intercourse can not take place with a limp penis because it must be able to enter the tight vagina.  The woman’s vagina must be well lubricated with natural or synthetic lubricant. When a woman is sexual aroused or stimulated the vagina will start to secrete a natural lubricant from the internal glands. This happens in anticipation of a hard erect penis entering a tight vagina.   Natural lubricant is always best but due to medical reasons sometimes women must use synthetic. The vulva fills with blood. Then the labia majora swell and retracts back, exposing the inner lips and the opening to the vagina. The clitoris swells and gets hard. Your nipples will probably get hard and your breast will probably swell up. Now you are really ready for his hard penis to enter your tight vagina.  There are several ways for your male partner to accomplish this but I’ll discuss positions later.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is the ability to use your mouth to stimulate the penis until the man has an orgasm.  Make sure that you pay extra attention to the frenulum of prepuce of penis. This is what causes orgasms and ejaculation. Stimulate that the right way and you can get anything that you want!   It is located under the head of the penis kind of a “V” shape and it kind of divides the penis head in half.  Whenever we have oral sex, my husband really enjoys it when I lick and suck on his scrotum and testicles as well. First make sure that you lips are moist and wet. Men love it when you are holding the penis near your lips, licking you lips while looking in their eyes. Next, slowly put the head of the penis in your mouth.  Make sure to keep your teeth covered with your lips because your teeth should never be below your lips. Slide your tongue around the penis and lick against it as if it were a Popsicle.  What I normally do is start licking and sucking his scrotum and work my way up.

Masturbation (mutual)

This can be a lot of fun.  This means to stimulate sex organs and bring to an organism with the use of the hand or other objects.  I usually just make sure that I have a lot of lubricant on my hands and I stroke the penis in an up and down motion.  I also gentle squeeze and fondle his scrotum and testicles.  Sometimes I use two hands and sometimes one.  Sometimes my husband love to be what most call “Milked” That’s when I pay extra attention to his prostate. I make sure that my index finger is well lubricated and I slowly insert it into his rectum and gently massage his prostate, and continue the up and down motion with my other hand on his penis. Or I fondle his testicles with the same hand that I have the index finger in his anus and continue the up and down movement on his penis with the other hand.   My husband goes nuts.  Just make sure that your partner is into it.  Some men like more than one finger inserted or small ben wah ball.  Some men would rather you lick the anus or just massage the perinum area.  I will do a section on milking later.

Anal Sex

What can I say?  I tried it and I liked it.  We do this about 3-4 times per. Month.  Anal sex is the act of inserting the penis into the anus.  If you are going to do this and you are not monogamous please use a condom.  The rectum is loaded with all kinds of bacteria and the anus can be easily torn or scratched.  Make sure that your rectum is clean.  This is something that I usually try to plan ahead and use a cleansing enema and make sure that my bowels are emptied.  However there have been times when I didn’t have a chance to plan and we used a condom and I have been married and in a monogamous relationship for many years.  First make sure that you want to do this.  If you don’t then it could be a very unpleasant experience.  Next make sure that you have lots of lubricant.  The anus doesn’t have any natural lubricant.  Use a synthetic lubricant like Ky warming lubricant.   You must be relaxed to do this.  Make sure your anus is relaxed.  The first time that I did this I was ovulating and extremely horny and very open to anything and it was very enjoyable.  I think that men love this because the anus is extremely tight and loaded with all kind of nerves that causes lots of pleasure for the woman as well.  Butt plugs help stretch the anus to get ready for this as well.  Just use lots of lubrication.  Many women enjoy having  a vibrator  in there vagina while having  their spouses penis in the anus.  It just depends on what you both enjoy.  Later I will go into details about this.

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Comments (2)
dr dray

i think you are just the best,but i will like to know if there is sex vibrator for men.

dr dray

i think you are just the best,but i will like to know if there is sex vibrator for men.