Try This Role-playing Game to Keep Your Sex Life Interesting: Adult Education
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Try This Role-playing Game to Keep Your Sex Life Interesting: Adult Education

How to take any occupation and turn it into a sex game at home

Sex is a tough subject. With today’s stressors often times it is very difficult to want to have sex especially as a woman.  We have house chores, children and not to mention…JOBS.  Most women contribute to the household income and most household would fall apart without the woman’s salary.  The reason that I am bringing this up is because for awhile I was feeling the stress of working fulltime.  Not only was I working fulltime but at the time I felt that in order to do my job well I had to bringing work home.  My husband was sick of it and so was I, so I decided to turn lemons into lemonade.  So we started playing school.  Not like the school that was played as a child but Adult School.  How did we do this?  Well here is an example.

Step one:  Leave your partner a note with something like “There will be a test tonight, class starts at 7pm” or you can call him, text him, or just say something like you wanna play school.  If your partner is anything like my husband, you might need to skip this step the first time and just go on to step #2 and do step one the next time because he won’t get it.  

Step two: Get a pair of black rim glasses (I use my own reading glasses), high heels (black if you have them), pin your hair up, lingerie,  real short tight skirt if you have one,  or long button down shirt with a belt, but no panties.  Since you are going to be on top of him you might want to wear a real skimpy bra, or no bra.  Just make sure that he has easy access to your breast.

Step three:  Let him know that tonight in his Adult Ed. Class that he is going to do a hands on activity, and all of his responses need to be verbal. The topic is: Human Sexuality.  While I am slowly giving him this information I am also undressing him and kissing and nibbling on his upper body.  By that time he is fully undressed, I have completed the instructions. Then I usually stimulate his penis and scrotum with my mouth and hands for a couple of minuets.  This can be achieved while he is standing or lying down.  While I am slowly stimulating his external sexual organs I usually tell him that I am going to make love to him (I usually use the F word) in several different positions while I am on top of him.  Then I tell him that he needs to tell me which position he enjoyed the most.  I let him know that his grade will be based on physical performance, and oral response.

The Positions That I Use

#1   I straddle his thighs facing him, and make sure just the tip (head) of his penis is inserted.  Then I lower myself so that about ¾ of an inch of his penis past the head is inserted into my vagina.  Then I lift up and pull the penis out of my vagina and rub my clitoris all over the swollen tip (head) of the penis.  Then I repeat the above step but each time I slide the penis into my vagina a little deeper until the full length of his penis is inside of my vagina and his scrotum is pressed against my anus or until he has an orgasm. While I am playing school I don’t let him have an orgasm at that point I get off of him.

#2  Get back on top same position as above except this time make sure that the full length of his penis is inside of your vagina.  Then lean forward and make sure that your legs a spread over his thighs.  Make sure that your face is in his neck. Kiss and nibble on his neck.  Rock your hips and squeeze his penis with your internal vagina muscles.  This is a good time to practice your Kegel exercises.  Make sure that you can feel your clitoris pressing against the base of his shaft. Continue to rock your hips and squeeze his penis until he has an orgasm.  If you are playing school then get off of him before he has an orgasm.  

#3  Next I like to get back on top facing him.  Lean forward and insert penis the full length of your vagina.  Then go all the way down on penis until you can feel your clitoris on his shaft.  Reach back and spread your bottom cheeks and sit up.  Then use one of your hands and pull his scrotum up into your bottom cheeks and let go so that his scrotum is comfortably nestled against your anus in your bottom cheeks.  Then slowly bounce up and down so that you can feel his scrotum rubbing against your anus.  Make sure that penis stays in vagina.  With my husband once the scrotum is against my anus, he automatically squeezes my bottom cheeks together to make sure that his scrotum doesn’t move and continue to push his penis in VERY HARD until he has an orgasm.  This is a very easy position for you to get up so that he doesn’t have an orgasm while playing school.    

#4   For this position let your partner know that you can repeat this after he has completed the whole lesson if he wants or if he hasn’t had an orgasm yet.  For this position you want to insert his penis while sitting up and facing his feet (backwards) Then lean back while your back is on his chest and he is still in your vagina, let him fondle your breast.  Then close your legs, and squeeze your thighs and buttocks together.  At this point he will push his penis very hard into your vagina and squeezing and tugging at your breast but please try to keep your thighs and buttocks squeezed very tightly together.  Sometimes when I try to get up so that my husband doesn’t have an orgasm too soon, he will not let go of me and has one anyway.  Warning this feels real good.

#5 For this position you will need to continue to face his feet.  Insert his penis and lean forward.  Move yourself up and down on his penis.  This will allow him to squeeze and fondle your bottom and clitoris. He can also watch his penis go in and out of your vagina.  If you and your partner enjoy anal stimulation, this is also a good position for benwah balls or an anal vibrator to be inserted into the anus.  Great visualsPlaying

Keep in mind that you are the teacher.  Make sure that you tell him that you are the teacher and he needs to do as he is told.  We have played this game for years.  Sometimes we turn it around and I pretend like I have been bad and he plays principle.  I’ll save that for another blog.  I’ll also give details about other occupations in other blog.   

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