What Men Want in a Woman
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What Men Want in a Woman

Men don't want to scare women away or incite a riot, men don't usually tell women the nitty gritty of men sexual desire. Is sex on the first date for a woman OK for him? According to a book no man wants to think of his future wife as promiscuous. What men want really in a woman? Read more.

What men want in a women

Probably men don't want to scare women away or incite a riot, men don't usually tell women the nitty gritty of men sexual desire. If then, is sex on the first date for a woman OK for him?

According to a book What Men Want, no man wants to think of his future wife a promiscuous ( a woman having sex with different partners). You know this sounds old-fashioned, but it is true. When a man chooses a woman, he would like all her prior sexual experience to be deleted.  It makes the hair on the back of any man's neck stand up when he thinks of his woman sleeping with another man. So, if a woman sleeps with a man on her first date, no matter what she says, a man will thinks she is promiscuous.

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During a couple's first few encounters, he is still sizing her up. If  you have sleep with him too soon, this are the questions that will enter his mind

  • How many guys were here before me?
  • She does this with every one?

After the act is completed the woman will inevitably say, "I just want you to know that I don't do this all the time."  Sorry ladies, if you don't know it before, know it now- no man believes this line, some men chuckle to themselves when they hear it.

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The truth is that underneath all your sexual escapades, men are more conservative and more idealistic than woman. An unattached man will take what he can get sexually, but he will always have his eye out for that special woman he can trust  and respect. 

In practical terms, this means that if a woman is interested in love and marriage there is really no good reason to sleep with your boyfriend early in the relationship. This may or may not sounds well with some women, but this is what men think.

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Testing You

Men are not as trusting as women says a renowned author. Men will feel discomfort or a slackening of interest after bedding a woman so fast and so easily. He may be crazy about you, he may find you incredible turn-on, but he will be less likely to become serious about you.  A man use sex to test a woman's character. He wants to see how far you are willing to go with him sexually and he judge you by it.

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Sexual Power

What do men really want sexually?  According to the author of the book  What Men Want  men want a woman with sexual power.  Is it  the woman who makes his heart start pumping, overtime as soon as she enters the room. For men, it is more than this. He wants a woman with real sexual power. A power with life long hold on a man  should have:

  • sense of her own worth
  • with confidence
  • with spirit
  • at home with herself
  • happy in her own body

Physically beautiful is not what they want. You know that most physically beautiful women are often the insecure. If you have ever talked to a stripper. Such a woman may have a fleeting sexual power over man, but it is not the kind of power that lasts.

A man wants a woman who convey confidence in the way she moves, in the way she kisses. She is willing to do what he wants her to do. A woman with sexual power allows a man to take a lead and she knows how to follow. And she knows when it is her turn to lead. Those are, what men want in a woman.


Book of Piatkus, What Men Want

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